Monday, October 11, 2010

More Than A Legend...

The recent passing of legendary soul singer/songwriter Solomon Burke triggered a flood of emotion and memories that washed over our entire family. My niece, Kila, has been a life long friend of Queen Victoria Burke (one of Solomon's 21 children) and through that relationship we gained rare insight into his world and personality.
Solomon Burke was more than a legend--when Kila's infant daughter passed away from complications at birth, it was Solomon Burke who officiated the services...comforting and embracing all of us.
Solomon Burke was more than a legend--a man of devout faith, he insisted that gospel music be a part of his repertoire...and he insisted that my sister, Rosalind Graham, be the featured gospel singer at the Long Beach and Monterey Blues Festivals.
Solomon Burke was more than a legend--he was a man who ate with us and fed us; he laughed and teased with us and he mourned with us; he prayed and worshipped with us, sang with us and even appeared on Rosalinds' television ministry program (resplendent cape and all) just because she asked him to.
Solomon Burke was much more than a legend--he was a dear, dear friend...

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