Monday, October 25, 2010

Ain't To Proud To Beg...!

Recently I was involved with a job assignment that taught me several lessons...not the least of which was to ask for help when you need it.
We as voice over artists sometimes cocoon ourselves into our own little niches--working alone on projects both simple and extensive--relying on our talent, previous experience and know-how to get us through. Usually that combination of brains and savvy is enough to keep us consistent (and our clients happy). But what happens when equipment or experience or both leave you wanting...unable to deliver what you've promised?
In my case, I had simple one-sentence audio files to produce--the client had already enjoyed my audition and was ready for a complete product. After quickly recording and sending them, the client replied saying that the files were unusable and that there was a major audio problem. This news put me on high panic alert. 'Unusable!' 'Major Audio Problems!' I couldn't rest. Painstakingly, I re-recorded the entire project--lovingly auditing the files and assuring myself that, even though I may have rushed at first, this product would be much more to the customers liking. 2 days later my bubble was burst by the news that even though the files sounded better, they were still unusable and now the customer is expressing concern and even sent me samples of other audio files to give me direction. OH, NO! Faced with the possibility of forfeiting a much needed job, my mind began to race. What do I do? I'm obviously not getting it. That's when I realized that if I'm not getting it, I need to talk to someone who DOES get it. Someone local, with their own studio, who had the expertise, the equipment, and the patience to deal with such monumental incompetence!
Enter John Taylor--Hollywood voice over legend and newly-minted non-smoker!
After sending him an email filled with drama, he told me to send him a couple of the faulty files. Not much later, I got my answer--I record way too hot (and have been doing so for quite some time). John gave me a crash course in new era digital recording that sent me scurrying to my Soundforge program and resetting just about everything--including my own ancient ideas about audio reproduction.
Are you on the horns of a dilemma? Got a real head-scratcher that's not only costing you time and peace of mind but possibly money and reputation as well? You don't have to go it alone! Once you realize that others in the industry have answers and are willing to help, you can get better in your craft. If you remain 'teachable' you can overcome and excel.
Gratitude abounds...and I sound much better now! Lessons learned, job completed and John Taylor has shoved his cape back under his shirt--ready to come to someone else's rescue on a moments notice!
Thanks, John...and Happy Voicing everyone!

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