Friday, December 28, 2012


     Since this terrific, tumultuous and sometimes terrifying year is winding down, I take this opportunity to communicate to the world from the Cavern of Crazy Creativity (aka 'The Hole'). And this time, it will be brief (Hallelujah!)



...for sharing your time, your money, your meals, and your hearts.

...for teaching me my worth and value (without inflating my ego)

...for being there--technically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

...for laughing and putting up with some of the corniest gags in history (ba-dumbum)

...for loving my family through hard times and , in some cases, making yourselves 'family'.

...for hiring me and entrusting your vision, products, presentations and characters to me.

...for taking me to places and events I've only dreamed of (and then being seen publicly with me!)

...for keeping me encouraged, excellent and excited all the time.

...for allowing me to (not-so-subtly) share my faith and love on you just a little bit.

Here's to a bright, prosperous and passionate 2013! God bless--and Happy Voicing...