Friday, June 29, 2012

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

VOICE 2012: Where Do I Start?

Even though the dust will never really settle (and we've all still got Disney music in our heads) we still have to say that VOICE 2012 has ended (Aaawwwww!). But now comes the task of trying to put such a massive, necessary and unique event into some sort of perspective.
But--where do I start?

Do I go back to the incredible banquet affair where I met a couple of real animation heroes (Joe Ruby and Ken Spears) and got to rub elbows with VO royalty? 
Do I start with the varied and valued Exhibition Hall where I reconnected with dear friend (and audio guru) Dick Burdon at Airs-LA?
Maybe I should talk about the incredible Garden Party, hosted by Joe Cipriano and attended by--well--some of the busiest and brightest voice actors anywhere, bar none.
Or do I start with the really important stuff--like how Wil, Simone, Darryl, Mehmet and Herb followed Yelp! to some of the best Thai food in California? Or do I talk about the wild tattoo party that broke out at Tim Keenan's fabulous studio facility in Anaheim (hey Annie--VO Peeps)?
No, it's got to be the crazy late night messages to Turkey and the Philippine's sent by the Four VoiceMen--me and my infamous roommates: Andy Boyns, Mehmet Ohnur and Pocholo Gonzalez!
Quiet dinner with longtime friend and new buddy Stephanie Ciccarelli and Ashley Davidson; or Target shopping spree and lunch at BK with the great Dave DeAndrea and the uber-talented Paul Hernandez (don't listen to him unless you're ready to LAFF)?
Now my decision has gotten even MORE complicated because I'm certain that I'm forgetting some things and some ones!
I sat with Tammy Trujillo during the banquet--she was sweet enough to announce and explain the menu to an old hippie from St. Louis. On the other hand, Mike Owens and I established the "Herb & Herb Urban Bourbon" franchise. We split the profits right down the middle (70% Mike-30% me). When I get some people, he's gonna get some people--and then my people are gonna talk to his people and we'll get those contracts squared away. Who sez we didn't conduct business at VOICE 2012?!
Anyway--now it's your turn. I charge you to check in and help me fill in the blanks!  I really don't know where to start!! Pre-convention (the fabulous bag-stuffing, pizza party at the Voice Acting Academy in San Diego) or post-convention (the radio spot I was honored to do with a new Convention friend)?
I just don't know where to start!! But it sure was/is awesome, huh?
Huge props, much love and respect and big, BIG HUGS to the event promoters and dear friends Penny Abshire and Jim Alburger.
God Bless and Happy Voicing!!
P.S. As I finish mauling my keyboard, I cast my gaze to the left of my monitor in the direction of my yodeling pickle. Gotta hear it just once...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

...VO Verse Of The Week: "Hear my voice according to thy lovingkindness, O Lord; quicken me according to thy judgement." Ps.119:149...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

...VO Verse Of The Week: "I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth, Yes I will praise Him among the multitude." Psalms 109:30...