Saturday, May 8, 2010

Honoring Mom

I love the Bill Cosby story where he tracks the career of the young male athlete. He and his father rise early for practice and exercise. His dad takes him to games, meets, combines and drills. The young athlete works out under the wise and watchful gaze of his dad. He's finally drafted, has success on the field and when he scores the Super Bowl winning touchdown--they stick the camera in his face and he says to the world with a big, wide grin--"Hi, Mom!"
No one on this planet has the influence, insight or inspiration that a mother has. Throughout history mothers have been instrumental in the shaping of the future. From simply caring for her children in the most intimate way to speaking up before kings in behalf of her offspring--mothers are critically important. Sometimes shrewd, sometimes overbearing, the zeal of motherhood is a gift from God--akin to His own brand of stubborn, unconditional love.
This is the year where we recognize the power and dignity of ALL mothers, affluent or not. many times Mom does what she must because others are lost in ego or misguided judgement. Other times she is overwhelmed by the enormity of her task.
So--it is up to the rest of us to celebrate her battle and her triumph. It's up to the rest of us to give aid and comfort to a warrior who never really leaves the battlefield--ever!
Call her. Embrace her. Honor her. Cherish her. Above all--love her.
p.s. Yeah I know this had nothing to do with voice over--or did it? My mom watched cartoons and The 3 Stooges WITH me and always laughed when I imitated people around me. Hmmmm...

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