Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'Aiieee-Hee, Mon Ami!'--Social Networking At It's Best

For those of you who are curious to know if anyone has actually received work through social networking--I give you 'Exhibit-A'.
Voice Over Artist and Hockey Authority Ralph Hass generously passed along the lead for this project in July of 2009. Why me? Well, I don't think it was my good looks! He thoughtfully remembered that I had told him that I was working on some Cajun characters (accents, lingo, etc) and that this particular producer/director (uber-talented Jeff Hall) was looking for that flavor.
Now here is where it gets tricky...
Ralph actually admitted to not being very good at Cajun-type reads. Wait--what? A person who wisely looks at his own weakness (if you will) and then turns it into an opportunity for someone else? Ralph quickly followed his 'I can't' with '...but I know who can!'
For social networking to work there has to be an honest exchange of ideas, resources and ,yes, even leads to jobs. Not only has Ralph made a lot of people happy with his selfless act, but he has demonstrated the cornerstone principle of social networking--give and it shall be given to you!
Gee...that almost sounds Biblical, don't it...

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  1. I prefer Herbie-Berry or Huckleberry to Halle Berry any day:) You are a great friend Herb and it is one year ago tomorrow (May 27) that we officially became friends on Facebook after I read your article on the blog:

    Social networking at it's best. NO doubt!