Thursday, December 29, 2011

The New Dawn...

...And here we are again, folks--at the end of one amazing year and at the dawn of a brand new one.
We usually use this time of year for reflection, preparation and--yes--resolution. For the most part we are mindful and hopeful. Mindful of errors and missteps made and hopeful that we have learned from our mistakes and can overcome them. When taking my own personal inventory, I can see vast room for improvement, both personally and professionally. But I can also see the bonds that have been forged, the battles fought (and won), and the lessons learned and utilized.
My fellow audio thespians have encouraged, instructed, uplifted and, yes, chastised me when needed. My family in turn have put up with weird work hours and even weirder sounds coming from 'The Hole' (Something tells me I should re-phrase that). The result of all this action has been a dream come true! From interacting with some of the world's best voice actors every other Monday to having the opportunity to voice some of the wildest characters this side of 'Looney Tunes' and beyond--I humbly say thank God for His favor, mercy and grace.
Even now as I prepare for my second opportunity to write for and announce the Rose Parade (!!), I still can't believe where God has allowed me to go and I eagerly anticipate seeing the next leg of the journey--'cause it ain't over yet!
There are still characters to invent and voice; standards to uphold and new horizons to be reached. I look forward to the future with shades on ('cause it's so bright) and I can't WAIT to see where we all wind up next! Hopefully, it's the place of dreams and we can all enjoy it together.


  1. "The New Dawn" was great to read and receive encouragement! I look forward to the sequel Herb:
    "The Herb Saga: Breaking Dawn?"

    Hmmm,have you ever voiced a vampire?

    Happy New Year!
    ~ Ralph

  2. vampires yet, buddy, but we DID do the Zombie Pimp earlier this year...
    Thanks for checkin' in...