Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Adventures Of The VO Vagabonds or B.z. and 'Herbalishus' Hook Up!

One of the best reasons to be a part of the VO community is the community itself. There are a lot of very friendly, very talented folks who do what you do--and can feel your pain. B.z. The Voice (Pro mic rocker from Las Vegas) visited the L.A. area recently to attend a religious retreat. We try to keep in touch with each other and, knowing he was in town I gave him a call. It was perfect timing because he had a few days before the retreat and the VO Pro Workout Group was about to have it's regular meeting that Tuesday evening. A quick email request to VO guru Dave Fennoy and with his nod, B.z. was in! Neither of us were prepared for the powerful session that unfolded. With such gifted professionals as Cedering Fox, Teresa June-Tao, Marc Cashman, Townsend Coleman, Iona Morris, Ed Hopkins, Stew Herrera, Paula Tiso and others in attendance, the session was beyond electric. Each of us would go into the booth (under the watchful eyes of engineer/coach/vo talent Robin Armstrong)with copy (commercial, corporate, whatever) read the 'specs'-which are often quite silly- and then 'do the spot'. Everyone else then offers honest critique geared to making the read (and you)better, allowing for at least 3 different reads.
Honestly, folks--when Cedering Fox or Dave Fennoy give their first read it is usually PERFECT! But under the direction and fine tuning skills of the other professionals in the room, the reads get even better! Heck, even I sounded a little better after following some straightforward and simple directions.
Old friendships were rekindled and new relationships were established in an evening of work, laughter and more work.
Afterward, B.z. and I hung out in 'The Hole' just talking voice over and getting better acquainted. That lasted 'til about 2am when he picked the lock on his chains, escaped to his car and sped off.
Thanks to all of the wonderful voice over 'royalty' who give freely of their time and talent. They haven't forgotten what it means to have a dream--or what it takes to make it come true.
Happy Voicing...
Pictured: l-r Townsend Coleman, Cedering Fox, some guy on his way to a ballgame

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