Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The "Heinz" Age

Having recently reached the age of accountability (57), I began to ruminate, nay, meditate on the wonder of the number and it's historical significance.
Every one knows that The Heinz Company are the most famous purveyors of these digits, dating back to 1896 when H.J. got the idea for '57 Varieties' on a New York City train. Colloquially speaking--the name "Heinz 57" is used when describing a dog of multiple mixed breeds. It is this strange endearment to mutts that most closely resembles ME.
I am a true '57'--one look at me will tell you that I am mixed with several different American breeds! Now-that's not a BAD thing, but it is fun when meeting people for the first time!
I have at least 57 "all-time desert island" songs touching every musical genre from traditional gospel to classic rock to Bach to fusion to...well, you get the idea.
My kids thought it would be cool if 57 candles were on my birthday cake (they got up to 47 and ran out). The ensuing conflagration made everybody sing 'Happy Birthday' at 78rpm before the cake was engulfed!(see below)
Now I'm on to another '57'--57 ways to get better! Better to those around me, better to the VO community and better to myself (thanks, Paul Strikwerda). I know I'll never be perfect, but in the walk towards perfection I'm pretty sure I'll pick up at least 57 tips on being a better businessman, a better neighbor (less voicing after midnight), a better voice actor--not to mention a much better Dad, Husband,Grand-Dad,Brother and Uncle.
So--here's to 57!! Thank you, Lord for letting me live it!
Now I KNOW there is a 57th character sneakin' around in my head somewhe---aha!! There he is! Get him, boys!! Throw a net over him a and we'll put him a video game or somethin'...
Happy Voicing!

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