Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Voice Of The Family

I just did something that we all dread--attended my grandmothers funeral. It was quite a large family affair as my grandmother was 95 years old when she died and all three of her children had children who had children...and she was very well-known to all of them.
This is not an exercise in morbidity-quite the contrary. Once we all got past the most dreaded moments together, we all began to get acquainted and reacquainted...some of us meeting for the very first time! I looked out over the crowd of people as we gathered one more time at the motel where we stayed. There was such an array of gifted, talented individuals (not to mention cute and sometimes precocious kids) it was hard to take it all in.
There were prophets, producers, poets...rappers, writers, rockers...musicians, artists, composers... truck drivers, executives, chefs, actors...every one of them VERY good at what they do and everyone of them eager to write a new chapter in our family's history. I found myself choking up with pride and gratitude that I was a part of something wonderful!
So the final word in this particular tome is--heed the Voice of the family.
When is the last time you hugged your stubborn father or your meddling mother or your brother-in-law who owes you money? I know of only one perfect Person in history and He taught us to forgive the imperfections of others.
I don't mean to preach--it's just that my particular experience opened a whole new chapter in my life--and I don't think we need something as traumatic and gut-wrenching as a funeral to do that.
Who are YOU related to? It could be someone very special...
Happy Voicing!

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  1. Lovely, Herb. Thanks for sharing this wonderful message!