Friday, October 23, 2009

The 'Vipo' Experience--The Big Payback (w/apologies to the late Godfather of Soul)

In this Final installment of the 'Flying Dog' series, I want to try to describe not only the joy of being a part of such an epic 'toon, but also create a sense of wealth beyond the paycheck. There are so many seeds that were planted into me professionally via observation and participation, and so many fantastic lessons learned and--most importantly--good relationships established.
I have come away from this voice over adventure wiser, stronger, happier. Now granted... the 125-page quarterly sales statistical, toungue twisting voice over job may not leave you feeling all warm and gooey, but there IS a reward for any well done, completed work, especially the tough stuff!
The Big Payback in my case with this particular job was the many positive and educational situations that I was in. Director Joie Albrecht had the idea to have a group session where all of the villians interacted and performed in one scene. What fun we had and what a great moment for improv and chemistry.
Having a chance to work along side seasoned voice over professionals is ALWAYS a good thing and there are many attached to this project! John Mariano (whose award-winning credits include "The Animaniacs", "Hey, Arnold", "The Tick}( kept us all in stitches as he would magically transform himself into Robert DiNero right before our eyes, Annie V. Ramsey(yes...Annie was there!), the multi-talented and very funny Jock Ellis, my good friend (and "Improv King") Joe Thomas, Matilda Novak (a wonderful encourager), Jeff Scott of Mayday Productions and a plethora of punctual, powerful performers!
Many of these folks keep in touch with me on a regular basis--helping me grow as an artist AND a person. And yes...there IS a picture of my character-regal and evil all at once. A great job done by the illustrators/animators. Imagination rules!!

So don't just sit there...go to and get acquainted with the Flying Dog and all his friends...and enemies!
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