Friday, September 18, 2009

The 'Vipo' Experience or Hey, Mom...I'm A Cartoon Character!

Hey, all you ProTalkers...

The next few blogs will center around my wondrous, "Gee Whiz" experience with the "Vipo, The Flying Dog" series.

A little background...The 'Vipo' series is an animation and marketing phenomenom that is just reaching American television. Based on the adventures of a dog whose ears enable him to fly, "Vipo"--pronounced Vee-po (and his many friends) is now in over 30 countries around the world including Indonesia, Israel, Turkey, Brazil and now the U.S.

The animation is high quality 3-D and very easy on young eyes. Episodes from the first season of "Vipo" can be seen on YouTube!

Of course, early on I didn't know ANY of those facts about the production. When I responded to the audition lead that came through my e-mail I was just answering what I thought would be a good job and a great opportunity--maybe even the fulfillment of a dream. Somewhere in your life there has to be room for dreams. Without dreams, we aspire to nothing. Dreams and aspirations shape our future--and sometimes the future of others!

I received an e-mail in return from Elizabeth that stated..."we do have one role we are still is the Summer King who is half man/half iguana..."


She goes on to describe the characters most endearing traits (sneaky, hot-tempered, classic villian) and since there is no script--"you will have to improv the audition".

HOOO-HAAA! Let the games begin...

God Bless & Happy Voicing!

Next: "You Are Cast"

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