Monday, July 13, 2009

Something's Brewing!

A few days ago I woke up with a tremendous spirit of expectation. While I did my morning wake up routine, I just couldn't shake the feeling of positive anticipation--that something BIG is just around the corner! Was this 'hope' gone mad? Was this the delusional thinking of yet another cock-eyed optimist?
Rubbing my hands together like a hungry man staring at dinner, I began to share this 'hope' with my wife. "Honey I don't know...but I've got a feeling that something's brewing. And not just brewing, but it's as if it is being prepared or established. This is a good thing!"
I could scarcely get the words out of my mouth when the TV evangelist we were watching began to say, "Something good is about to happen. I challenge you to say it to your neighbors...say it to your family members. I dare a husband to say to his wife 'Something good is about to happen.'"
Well, after we picked each other up off the floor, we just started smiling and kept saying 'Somethings brewing...something good.'
In this crazy, wonderful business of ours where we seem to achieve equal parts of success AND failure we need to remind ourselves that something good IS about to happen. Persistence and hardwork WILL pay off.
In ancient history during times of great fear and danger, people would encourage themselves by remembering past victories and historic milestones. Even King David of Israel was forced by a stressful situation to publicly and openly encourage himself by declaring his relationship with God.
Yeah, the headlines are bad and the economy sucks and global warming is getting...uh...warmer. But I'm going to take this opportunity to tell all of you that something's brewing...something good!
Let's do our best to encourage each other as we travel together.

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